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Be a Distributer


Who says you need millions to get into the oil business? You can be an Oil Empire dealer for as low as P100,000 – INCLUDING EQUIPMENT! Compare that to our competitors who charge millions in franchise and construction fees!

Be an Oil Empire - How does it work?

Look for companies that use fuel and offer to install a “Filling Station” right on their compound. Oil Empire will deliver fuel to your clients on your behalf! You will be able to offer fuel at a lower price compared to conventional gas stations!

We guarantee that you will make more money per liter than a franchise holder of a conventional gas station. You don’t need any employees at the filling station because your client operates it themselves! You don’t need to construct anything because our system is “Plug and Play” – we will install it in a few weeks and your client can operate it as soon as it is ready!

Walking Under Gas Pipes

Package Details

  • Price: P500,000

  • If your target clients are companies that consume 30,000 - 40,000 liters a month or more

  • Storage Tank – 15,000 liters and electric pump with meter

  • Dealer’s price on diesel

  • Oil Empire will deliver to your clients

  • You can reduce your start up capital by asking your client for a security deposit to cover the cost of the equipment you will lend them

  • Less P50,000 for additional purchases of this package

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