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About Us

Company Overview

We are a Philippine-based company that operates mainly in the fuel industry. We sell and deliver large bulks of fuel along with other small-scale products such as lubricants to international and local clients based in the Philippines. Clients use the fuel for various purposes such as reducing costs and time for refuelling construction trucks during building projects. 

Mission and Vision

At Oil Empire Corporation, our mission is to actively contribute to our country's nation-building and industrialisation efforts. With an unwavering commitment to our valued employees and the wider public, we strive to maintain our momentum throughout the third millennium. We achieve this by continuously improving our efficiency, expanding our capacity, and delivering our products at the most competitive prices to our customers.

Product Range

We offer two categories of products: lubricants and fuel. There are over a hundred different varieties of lubricants and three different types of fuel: gas, diesel, and kerosene (among which diesel is the most significant).

Ethical and Safety Practices

We uphold ethical standards and adhere to a strict code of conduct, which includes promoting fair competition, avoiding conflicts of interest, and respecting the rights of employees, suppliers, and customers.

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